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Staff Augmentation

staff augmentation

Are you ready to accelerate success, shatter technology constraints, remove technical/staffing bottlenecks, drive new revenue and mitigate the risk of growth? As your business grows, you’ll need a technology partner as flexible as you are. That’s where we come in. The engagement models of AVOGTAL are simple and adaptable – everything we do is designed to accelerate your business and remove technical constraints and staffing bottlenecks.

The benefits of Staff Augmentation include

  • Staff augmentation is the secret weapon when you need rapid access to skills or headcount.
  • A way for businesses to scale up or down quickly using temporary workers instead of permanent employees.
  • Access to distinct skill sets.
  • Companies can hire consultants more quickly than full time employees.
  • Bypass the hiring process, saving both costs & uncertainty.
  • Access to experienced professionals — choosing experts, not generalists.
  • A way to shop for a specific skill set without requiring a commitment to utilize that skill set again in the future.
  • A focused and unbiased workforce.
  • Enables companies to adapt quickly.
  • Meeting each and every project deadline.
  • Execution of utmost operational efficiency.
  • They have skills & experience.
  • Contract resources that are familiar with the foreign location, hence assist with legal compliance as well as other potential hurdles.
  • Attain assistance without administrative complications.
  • No need to cover traveling costs for existing employees or to disrupt local operations.
  • Fresh ideas & objectivity from a professional who is not engaged in office politics.
  • Control your project at all times & perform regular monitoring.
  • Helps to diversify services & provide great quality solutions with the expertise gained from the temporary staff.
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